Careers at Two Sigma

We are a technology company applying our talents to the domain of finance. We have a variety of departments that work together in the pursuit of truth, and in doing so, create and achieve great things.

We are looking for talented individuals who like to solve hard problems – people who love intellectual challenges, thrive in a collaborative environment, and want to see what they do make a difference.

As a career destination, we take great care to place individuals within our organization in roles that provide both challenges and rewards, and we're committed to shepherding their growth for the long term.

Two Sigma Private Investments and Ventures

Two Sigma Private Investments is the private markets investment division of Two Sigma Investments, LLC.

Since 2008, Two Sigma Private Investments has completed significant investments in private equity, credit and special opportunities, real estate, real assets and natural resources, and venture capital primarily on behalf of proprietary capital of Two Sigma. Our Private Investments' team is comprised of experienced private equity, real estate, and credit investment professionals who look to make both direct investments as well as investments in partnerships with other successful investment managers.

Two Sigma Ventures, a division of Two Sigma Investments, seeks to invest in companies that push the boundaries of an industry and bring real progress to the world, by harnessing the power of data science, machine learning, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, advanced hardware, and related fields. Our Ventures team focuses on delivering the value of the Two Sigma Investments expertise and network to our companies. We focus our efforts on several areas including technology & data mentorship & advisory services, strategic third party relationships, recruiting, events and real estate.

Modeling and Trading

Researchers at Two Sigma are the explorers and the dreamers of what's possible and what's next.

They delve into the vast sea of data in the pursuit of truth. Guided by the scientific method and driven to unearth the new, they devise models that begin with inspired ideas or economic hypotheses. In a systematic, process-driven fashion, these models are expanded, tested, and, if successful, integrated into our investment portfolios. These models seek to predict the future and provide a market edge.

At Two Sigma, research and technology are united as one. Our scientific bent and commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement enable our researchers to continuously investigate the hardest problems and analyze the most formidable data sets, with speed and precision.

Researchers at Two Sigma are passionate about model building, data analysis, and the possibilities that they hold for exploration, insight, and illumination. We seek individuals who are curious, intellectually driven, practical, and purposeful. Our team is comprised of a diverse set of empirical and imaginative thinkers – eager to mix quantitative discipline with creative problem solving.

Traders at Two Sigma are responsible for the execution of certain of our equities, futures, FX, and derivatives trades both domestically and internationally. As a firm, we trade in markets, currencies, and countries across the world, operating 24 hours a day and five days a week out of our New York office. Traders are on the frontlines of many of Two Sigma's trading strategies. This entails monitoring the behavior of trading algorithms and partnering with analysts, portfolio managers, and risk management to attempt to enhance execution savings and develop new strategies.

Software Engineering

Technology drives our business — it's our main competitive advantage — and as a result, software engineers play a pivotal role.

They tackle the hardest problems through analysis, experimentation, design, and elegant implementation.

Software engineers at Two Sigma build what the organization needs to explore data's possibilities and act on our findings – to mine the past and attempt to predict the future. We create the tools at scale to enable vast data analysis; the technology we build enables us to engage in conversation with the data, and search for knowledge and insight.
We champion a disciplined, collaborative, scientific approach which allows us to meet the immediate needs of the business, while innovating in a way that is constantly forward-looking and future-reaching.

We attract engineers with a true passion for data. We seek individuals who want to build for today and invent for tomorrow. We value curiosity and insight, balanced with pragmatism and practicality. We recognize both the small steps, as well as the broad vision.

Open positions include:

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering group at Two Sigma designs and builds the complex and compelling infrastructure that makes what we do possible.

Our engineers are collaborators in designing end-to-end solutions. They're actively involved in bringing our ideas to life. They partner across departments to engineer systems that address the richness of the problems we solve, as well as the diversity of challenges.

They keep the organization at the forefront of cutting-edge hardware. They design our networks to scale massively, so our formidable computing power can be brought to bear as we tackle the next generation of data analysis. We're not afraid to invest in deep infrastructure – thousands of computers communicating across lightning-fast networks actively engaged in discovery and analysis, driving the industry forward. We have talented, passionate individuals who build and maintain what exists today, and invent tomorrow.

Systems engineers at Two Sigma are highly skilled and share a passion for knowledge. They see technology not only as a solution, but also a vital part of the imagination and future potential of an organization.

Program, Product, and Project Management

We view ourselves in the same light as the technology that we create – process-driven, well-engineered, and purposeful.

Our Program, Product, and Project Managers create the ties that bind and ensure that the system that is Two Sigma runs with clarity, purpose, and efficiency across technical and strategic projects.

Program, Product and Project Managers are essential team players who make things happen. These individuals inspire teams with a strategy and a plan to achieve goals; they're empowered with ownership and accountability, and strive for operational excellence. They see things from end-to-end – from earliest goal setting, plotting a clear course – ultimately carrying information and experience to the larger team and enabling global decisions.

This team has mastered the broad view and the small details. They understand how the pieces fit together. They're responsible for overall project success, and inspired by the diverse array of challenges on their plate.

Individuals in this group speak the language of science. They must also understand our business and engage business partners across the organization. They drive toward product and program success, and ultimately toward building a vital, vibrant company.

Investor Relations

Two Sigma solves hard problems, and Investor Relations at Two Sigma partners with our investors to help solve their hard problems. Backed by our systematic, process-driven, highly instrumented, intelligent approach to investment management, we can create flexible, customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our investors. Investors trust us with their assets, and we're sound fiduciaries entrusted to plan for their long-term goals.

Our approach is consultative, enabling a more substantive conversation. In contrast to much of the industry, our Investor Relations individuals are not merely "selling products" — rather, our aim is to help our investors understand our philosophy, and believe in our approach.
Investor Relations professionals at Two Sigma speak the language of science, as well as the language of our investors.
They're the bridge between the work that we do and the investors for whom we do it.

Business Development

The Business Development team is focused on accelerating Two Sigma’s position as a pioneer at the intersection of technology and finance.  Technology drives our business and inspires creative and exciting business opportunities.

BizDev plays a central role in developing and advancing company strategy, fostering new idea generation, and catalyzing innovation into tangible business results.  Expansion into new business areas, new global markets and asset classes for trading, new geographies for business activities, and new investment products and distribution channels to further serve our clients are a few examples of how we help Two Sigma grow.  Our impact is a direct result of the broad and deep relationships we forge across the entire company and with our extensive network of business partners.  We are always thinking about the trends shaping our industry and how we are positioned for future growth and success.

Business Operations, Legal, and Compliance

Leveraging a top-quality operational, legal, and compliance team, we partner with our colleagues firm-wide to help activate their ideas and bring them to life.

We seek to provide deep subject-matter expertise in an effort to drive continual improvement across Two Sigma.

Business Operations

We are a team of collaborative problem solvers, passionate about our individual disciplines and inspired by working with others and applying our functional knowledge to help realize business goals. Business Operations is comprised of specialists across a variety of areas including trading operations, treasury, accounting, finance, and tax. This team of professionals works extensively with Two Sigma teams and service providers to solve various challenges in implementing and improving Two Sigma's client services. We strive to develop and maintain a best-in-class approach in order to effectively support all business activities.

Our team emphasizes thoughtful and focused innovation to adapt to the fast-paced, changing world around us. As markets evolve and business requirements change, we constantly look for new ways to employ technology and build scalable processes to improve controls, reduce operational risk, and increase organizational efficiency.


Our mission is to offer innovative and practical solutions and advice that balance a clear understanding of applicable law, regulations, and Two Sigma's contractual, fiduciary, and other obligations with commercial judgment. We strive to maintain this balance while remaining mindful of our role as a business partner and a facilitator of Two Sigma's healthy growth and development, as well as a protector of business interests, while working closely with a range of departments firm-wide.

Legal professionals at Two Sigma are at the top of their field and together have expertise in a wide array of legal topics and subjects. They are all talented self-starters, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are deeply rooted in the organization.


Our dedicated team of skilled compliance professionals seeks to identify and mitigate potential conflicts and risks associated with conducting business around the world. We favor a pragmatic approach to solving interesting problems that result in the deployment of meaningful controls consistent with legal and regulatory requirements. Our compliance professionals develop strong relationships across the organization and partner with our colleagues to help foster a culture of professional, ethical, and responsible behavior.

Our goal is to provide world-class service that protects the interests of Two Sigma and supports its continued growth.

Risk Management

The Risk Management team identifies, measures, and controls many categories of enterprise risk at Two Sigma, including market, credit, operational, liquidity, regulatory, and strategic.

We study the management of risk, especially technology-induced risk, in both finance and other industries. We value financial and technical expertise; resourcefulness; healthy skepticism; and most importantly a sense of conviction – that it is our privilege and duty to protect the investors, the markets, and the firm.

We work with nearly all areas of Two Sigma and interact directly with investors, regulators, and trading counterparties. The primary day-to-day interactions of our multi-disciplinary team are with the modelers and engineers building our trading systems and managing our portfolios. We champion best practices and create independent processes to systematically manage risk, enabling the department to scale.

Workplace Services and Administrative Support

These integral groups help to ensure that the system that is Two Sigma runs smoothly.

Workplace Services

The Two Sigma office environment fosters our unique culture and encourages the spirit of collaboration and intellectual curiosity. Workplace Services helps makes this a reality.

The Real Estate, Design, and Construction team plays an essential role in shaping the spaces where Two Sigma lives and thrives. These professionals are responsible for developing an agile real estate strategy and building highly functional, task-driven collaborative workspaces. We take a holistic approach and give careful thought to how our environment affects our employees — their mindset, as well as their ability to collaborate and work productively. Our focus is on the convergence of space, technology, and people.

The Facilities Management team cares for Two Sigma's office environments and is constantly striving to improve efficiency. They ensure that our space is maintained beautifully and runs smoothly.  Every employee is a customer, and each customer is treated with care.

The Office Services team provides Two Sigma employees with a first-class user experience, concierge style. Whether it's ensuring the smooth running of our amenity or conference spaces, provision of a front of house that runs like clockwork, or the execution of a special event, the team aims to handle every request with professionalism, efficiency, and a collaborative hands-on approach – representative of the Two Sigma culture.

Two Sigma has a dedicated Events Production team which focuses solely on supporting many of the great celebratory and team building efforts underway.

Administrative Support

Two Sigma's executive assistants and administrative assistants work with managers and teams across the organization and are masters of multitasking in a fast-paced environment.

Their responsibilities are broad, diverse, and crucial to making things happen every day. They handle everything from facilitating communication to handling logistics such as managing calendars. Our culture is collaborative, and these well-rounded and agile team members work on a range of special projects tailored to the individual and the function they support.

Human Resources

We invest in our people and in creating an environment where individuals come together to achieve great things.

With remarkably low turnover, we have built a close-knit community of talented team players who have – and continue to make – important and lasting contributions. The HR team has been essential to this mission, which is why working in HR at Two Sigma is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience. 

We hire great people who share our values and make sure their diverse and complementary skills are put to good use. We're committed to designing, developing, and building high performing teams.

As a career destination, we actively encourage and facilitate employee mobility, career development, and learning. It's important to us that our employees are engaged and growing with us. We foster a culture of active learning and generous teaching. We work hard to ensure that individuals have access to a variety of roles and opportunities over the span of their TS careers.

Our approach to Human Resources is thoughtful and proactive. We're committed to finding ways to make our people and our organization more efficient, productive, and innovative.

Marketing and Communications

At Two Sigma, the Marketing and Communications team is breaking ground by determining how to best communicate in a new era of investment management.

Our team is responsible for cultivating, marketing, and communicating all that is special about Two Sigma. Our strategy, our values, and our culture actively inform our initiatives. We strive to inspire and resonate with our important audiences: current employees, prospective employees, clients, and the media.

Marketing and Communications at Two Sigma helps people understand and experience who we are and why we're different. We know that if we attract and retain exceptional scientists, engineers, and business professionals who share our values – and give them the hardest and most intriguing problems to solve on an ongoing basis – we will achieve our business goals. It's just that simple. We work as partners across the organization to create a thriving culture and stimulating work environment.

Campus Recruiting

We travel to some of the top universities across the country to meet students interested in our summer internship program and entry-level positions.

We hire students across all degree levels, with varied backgrounds. While we analyze the data-rich financial markets, prior experience in the financial industry is not a requirement. In fact, more than 70% of our employees come from outside of finance. We're looking for intellectual curiosity, passion for science and technology, and a desire to join a dynamic and talented team.

All students or recent graduates are welcome to apply at any time.


At Two Sigma, we believe the most important investment we make is in our people. We take care of our team.

We offer a broad range of employee benefits focused on health and wellness, including employer-subsidized medical and dental for your family and life and disability insurance. We believe that all of our employees should be able to participate in our organization's growth and success. In addition, we offer healthcare and dependent care flexible spending accounts, 401(k) retirement plans with partial company match, commuter benefits programs, and paid time off.

We honor wellness and work-life balance. We want our employees to be healthy and to have rich personal lives. Whether you're taking a break in our onsite gym (with free laundry!) or leaving early to get to a child's school play, we understand the need for flexibility. Our wellness and work-life programs evolve with the needs of our employees.

We love food and provide ways for us to eat together often — from frequent company lunches and birthday treats to milestone celebrations. In addition, our kitchens are stocked with a range of snacks and beverages to keep you energized every day.

Of course, the biggest benefit of all is our unique, vibrant culture, and the opportunity to learn and grow with the support and collaboration of our team.