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  • Markets & Economy

Quantifying “Unconventional” Risks in 2018

Entering 2018, it may be worth keeping an eye on “unconventional” risks, including monetary policy risk, political risk, and geopolitical risk. This article examines one way of measuring such risks and shows how they may interact with both equity prices and volatility.

  • Markets & Economy

An AI Approach to Fed Watching

Applying a natural language processing algo to Fed meeting minutes shows a sharp post-crisis rise in the amount of time the Fed spent discussing financial markets.

  • Markets & Economy

Japanese Inflation

Abenomics-inspired hopes for Japan’s economy continue to fade as Japanese inflation persistently falls short of the Bank of Japan’s target.

  • Markets & Economy

Federal Reserve Rate Hike in September?

Soon, the U.S. Federal Reserve will likely begin hiking interest rates for the first time in almost seven years. The only question is “how fast?”