We are proud to be sponsoring the 2019 NAACL HLT Conference.

We are proud to be sponsoring the 2019 NAACL HLT Conference.

At Two Sigma, we live and breathe unstructured data. (We/PRP really/RB do/VBP.)

That doesn’t mean we ignore a good old fashioned balance sheet. But to heavily augment that, our scientists combine an ever changing set of state-of-the-art algorithms with vast textual datasets to get a deep understanding of how markets operate. You might say we just want to quantify all the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s that are hidden in the text we all read every day.  So when the greatest minds get together to share insights, we wouldn’t want to miss it – we’re proud to sponsor NAACL HLT.

If you’re like us and love turning a huge pile of ordered words into something tangible, actionable and impactful, we’ve got a problem (or thousands of them) for you to solve!  Let’s connect.

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Quantitative Researcher in Machine Learning

As a Quantitative Machine Learning Researcher, you will use a rigorous scientific method to develop sophisticated trading models, apply machine learning to vast often esoteric datasets, and partner with engineers to test complex investment hypotheses.

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Research Scientist in Deep Learning

The Deep Learning team splits its time between fundamental research in Deep Learning (both algorithmic and systems) and its applications to Finance. As part of this team you’ll remain connected to the broader research community by partnering with external collaborators and publishing papers

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Data Scientist in Investment Research

As machine learning and data-driven business intelligence have permeated industries, an abundance of new datasets and techniques have created opportunities for granular measurement of varied aspects of our economy. In this role, you’ll further scale our long-standing efforts to leverage

these advancements to measure and predict the world’s financial outcomes.

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