Experience the Power of Data Science in Virtual Reality

Massive amounts of data, powerful technology, and innovative analytical techniques are changing the ways people can understand the world and approach challenging predictive problems.

We live in an era of dramatic technological innovation along the lines, in scope and scale, of the Industrial Revolution.

Thanks to exponential gains both in the amount of data available and in the capabilities of hardware and software, the human race now has an amazing toolkit—data science—to  help find meaning amid oceans of information, a toolkit that’s many orders of magnitude more powerful than anything that has come before.

Data science gives us new ways to discover what’s true and what’s not. To understand diseases and find cures. To help businesses and economies flourish in new ways. And to make more accurate forecasts—even about the popularity of ice cream flavors.

(Scroll down for VR viewing directions.)

There’s a world of data coursing all around us — we look for connections that make sense of it all


What better way to understand Two Sigma than to see the world through our eyes…(well, almost). Walk through Times Square, hover over a volcano, float above Dubai and walk through Two Sigma’s offices in Soho, NYC to get a taste of how we make sense of, and discover value in, the world’s data.



Have a Cardboard VR headset?

  • Using your mobile phone, press play and tap on the YouTube logo to open the video in the YouTube app.
  • Then, hit the Cardboard icon on the lower right of your screen.

For the best 360-degree mobile experience: 

  • Click and play via Youtube (by clicking on the logo and opening the YouTube app, as above). 
  • Tilt and rotate the phone to look around.

For the best 360-degree desktop experience: 

  • Hit play and view the videos in fullscreen mode. Click and drag your mouse around the screen to look around.

We recommend wearing headphones!

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