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At Two Sigma, technology is at the core of what we do.

In fact, over 50% of Two Sigma's employees are Engineers. We use open source technologies and familiar coding languages to build proprietary tools that solve problems unique to financial services.

Our Engineering team
has nine verticals

We help turn data into action by tackling complex engineering challenges.

Platform Engineers

Platform Engineers build the storage and computational infrastructure that engineers and modelers rely on every day—optimized for the extreme scale that Two Sigma demands. We also provide the tools and frameworks that support our modern software development and services architecture.

Modeling Engineers

Modeling Engineers build the platforms and tools that our modelers use to ideate, create, test, and deploy our quantitative strategies, also known as models. Our work includes creating a suite of open source and proprietary tools, and we are active in many scientific open source projects, including Apache Arrow, Mesos, Spark, Jupyter, and Pandas.

Data Engineers

Data Engineers build and scale the infrastructure used to ingest the immense information that fuels our models and trading systems from 10,000+ sources daily. We also develop the analytical tools to understand the health, quality and behavior of Two Sigma’s proprietary datasets.

Reliability Engineers

Reliability Engineers build the platforms that ensure the reliability of mission critical products and systems vital to Two Sigma, such as our main trading system. Our work incorporates a true mix of hands-on software and systems engineering.

Trading Engineers

Trading Engineers build and operate the low-latency, high-throughput trading systems and platforms responsible for trading and execution. Our systems monitor market conditions and opportunities in real-time to automatically optimize our trade plans, check for compliance, and execute trades in the right venue, at the right time.

Enterprise Engineers

Enterprise Engineers partner with Two Sigma's corporate teams to develop tools, systems and products that empower our people and trading businesses to rapidly scale and innovate while minimizing risk. We also make collaboration across the company as frictionless as possible.

Infrastructure Engineers

Infrastructure Engineers keep the organization at the forefront of cutting-edge hardware by designing Two Sigma’s complex and compelling infrastructure. We develop networks that can scale aggressively so we can use our formidable computing power to tackle the next generation of data analysis.

Security Engineers

Security Engineers provide many services to our partner teams, from architecture and design to investigations and response. We help Two Sigma to take advantage of new technologies and ways of working, reduce security or compliance related friction, and protect the firm from material loss.

Product Managers

Product Managers lead the strategy, planning, delivery, and continuous in-life optimization of our products. We develop a vision and roadmap for the product and determine the metrics through which we evaluate success. Our PMs work cross-functionally, bridging engineering and business teams in the design and implementation of their ideas—while helping to drive high-quality decisions and outcomes for the company.

As part of the feature engineering team, a lot of our work involves deep-diving into data to develop a library of features. It might sound cliché, but I love what I do – figuring out what the data is trying to tell us, and finding ways to tell stories through the data.

Ridhi K.

Data Engineer

We brought together a number of internal and open-source technologies to build the post-trade platform at Two Sigma. With many distinct workflows and large quantities of data, there’s no shortage of challenging and interesting work.

Brandon K.

Enterprise Engineer

My team is responsible for developing products and platforms that increase developer experience and productivity at Two Sigma. I have found that my colleagues at Two Sigma embody a culture of intellectual curiosity, genuine kindness and generosity with their knowledge and time. Not only has this experience accelerated my onboarding as a new joiner, but I have also been able to develop meaningful relationships with my team and peers while working remotely.

Lade A.

Product Manager

We have built an academic, collaborative company
with learning and teaching at the core.

Development courses and time away from our desks fuel our creative drive.

Engineering Education

In addition to our company-wide learning programs, our dedicated Engineering Education team provides specific training, programming and mentorship opportunities that support the productivity and ongoing technical development of our engineers.

Hacker Labs

Two Sigma's Hacker Labs are a physical space where we can hypothesize and work on physical projects, like electronics, wearables, and 3D printing. During remote work, we offer classes on projects that our team can hack on from home.

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Open Source

Our commitment to sustaining digital infrastructure for the public good means we encourage our engineers to participate in open source projects. And wherever possible, we believe in open sourcing the tools we’ve developed in-house.

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We offer focused support for the first years of your career.

Two Sigma invests in the early careers of our problem solvers, academics, and inventors. Our specific programs encourage young engineers to hypothesize, collaborate with their peers, and develop their intellectual curiosity.

While interviewing

Every interview at Two Sigma is a bit different because we want your experience to be relevant to you, your background, and the roles we’re considering you for. To help you get ready to come see us we’ve outlined how to prepare and what to expect.

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As an intern

We provide our engineering interns with the freedom to innovate, explore, and dig into unique and complex challenges. In addition to attending a learning series, our interns are encouraged to explore their ideas and contribute to our powerful platform.

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Early in your career

Two Sigma’s NewTS (New Two Sigma) program integrates campus hires focused on Engineering, Data Science and Quantitative Research into every-day life at Two Sigma, adding learning and cultural events alongside work responsibilities.

Engineering in the community

Our multi-year partnership with FIRST NYC Robotics aims to inspire young people to become science and technology leaders by exploring the possibilities unlocked by the scientific method and building STEM and digital-literacy skills.

Our Campus teams are active. Find out where we’ll be next.

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