Our Partnership Approach

Data science and technology support with a human touch.

Engagement and Team

We bring our teams together to assess the viability of a data science or technology collaboration. Next, we assemble a volunteer team of Two Sigma data scientists, engineers, and project managers with the right skill sets and capabilities for your project.

Research and Development

Once we’re aligned on scope, deliverables, format, and timing the project can get underway. Our engagement team works closely with you on a part-time basis over the course of the project to manage everything from discovery to delivery.

Results and Impact

While deliverables vary based on each engagement, one of our core goals is to help our partners independently use data and technology more effectively and efficiently in their organizations.

Partnership Highlights

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Partner With Us

Interested in exploring how data and technology could help you have a greater impact on the communities you serve? Get in touch.

Our Open Source Approach

Scaling Partnerships

Many organizations face similar challenges. Our Open Source tools are designed to share solutions that can be applied across multiple domains.

Increasing Access to Data and Tooling

We aim to empower organizations to kickstart their data strategy by creating open source tools and data products.

Encouraging Open Collaboration

True innovation requires a community and diverse perspectives. We encourage collaboration and seek feedback by building in the open.

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Collaboration and feedback makes our Open Source stronger.

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  1. RT @uscensusbureau: 📌 Save the date! On Feb 22-24, our #OpportunityProject Summit virtual conference will host innovation keynotes, collab…

  2. The fall 2022 sprint was our 1st time participating in the #OpportunityProject w/ @uscensusbureau. Our team had a great time collaborating w/ @FTA_DOT + stakeholders on solutions for climate resilience. Come check out all the teams' solutions Feb 22! RSVP required- and free! >>> twitter.com/uscensusbureau…

  3. Our team is hard at work getting ready for @nycSOdata - can't wait to see you there! Register below --> #opendata #nyc #dataforgood #techforgood twitter.com/BetaNYC/status…

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