Our Partnership Approach

Data science and technology support with a human touch.

Engagement and Team

We bring our teams together to assess the viability of a data science or technology collaboration. Next, we assemble a volunteer team of Two Sigma data scientists, engineers, and project managers with the right skill sets and capabilities for your project.

Research and Development

Once we’re aligned on scope, deliverables, format, and timing the project can get underway. Our engagement team works closely with you on a part-time basis over the course of the project to manage everything from discovery to delivery.

Results and Impact

While deliverables vary based on each engagement, one of our core goals is to help our partners independently use data and technology more effectively and efficiently in their organizations.

Partnership Highlights

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Robin Hood Foundation

Robin Hood's Learning + Technology Fund aims to leverage technology to transform learning and advance achievement of low-income students across New York City by identifying schools in a position to co-design and implement innovative resources with the Fund’s partners. The Fund felt their current performance criteria eliminated promising school partners, so we partnered to provide alternative performance assessments based on open data. This adjusted approach identified additional schools that were outperforming expectations within their communities, expanding the Fund’s potential candidate pool by nearly 50%.

Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership provides in-home nursing support for low-income, first-time mothers and their families, yet 60% do not complete the program. Our partnership developed a system to identify moms at risk of dropping out early and who may benefit from additional outreach.

Moulton Niguel Water District

Moulton Niguel Water District (MNWD) delivers water services to more than 170,000 customers in southern California. With the implementation of digital meters, MNWD had an opportunity to detect leaks and meter malfunctions in a more timely manner, but the challenge of how best to prioritize sites for inspection remained. Data Clinic volunteers built a predictive model to flag anomalies in near real time, and initial testing has indicated positive results. Data Clinic and MNWD are currently collaborating to gather more field data and refine the model.

Vera Institute of Justice

Vera Institute of Justice is a research and advocacy organization focused on building and improving justice systems that ensure fairness, promote safety, and strengthen communities. To help shape the conversation around alternative policing strategies and policy, they partnered with police departments in Tucson, Arizona and Camden, New Jersey to analyze their internal 911 data. We partnered with the institute to contextualize their findings with national data by consolidating public 911 open data to facilitate intra- and inter-city analyses.

Partner With Us

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Our Open Source Approach

Scaling Partnerships

Many organizations face similar challenges. Our Open Source tools are designed to share solutions that can be applied across multiple domains.

Increasing Access to Data and Tooling

We aim to empower organizations to kickstart their data strategy by creating open source tools and data products.

Encouraging Open Collaboration

True innovation requires a community and diverse perspectives. We encourage collaboration and seek feedback by building in the open.

Open Source Highlights

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SubwayCrowds is an open source tool web app for the NYC Subway system designed to identify for specific trips when subway cars are likely to be most crowded so that individuals might alter their travel time or route.

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Scout is an open source browser-based tool that eases the discovery and curation of thematically related and joinable datasets to broaden the application of open data to uncover new insights.

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Smooshr is an open source browser-based tool that makes it easy to create and share recipes for cleaning unruly data, with a specific focus on entity consolidation and standardization within and across datasets.

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NewerHoods is an open source, flexible and dynamic clustering tool that helps individuals and organizations better advocate for their community by tailoring data to their specific needs.

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  2. Lovely chat as always with @jpmorgan & @Venture2Impact about our cross-company #socialimpact collaboration alongside @lob @Dell @CDWCorp in service of @reworktraining at #ACCP2022! @eeeestein @FadiAlQassar @accprof #techforgood pic.twitter.com/Hu4UelM5PP

  3. Our Head of Ops, Erin Stein, is about to hit the #ACCP2022 stage w/ @jpmorgan & @Venture2Impact to discuss how we've been collaborating w/ @Dell @lob @CDWCorp & @reworktraining on a #techforgood partnership. Looking forward to sharing learnings & connecting w/ the #CSR community!

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