Open source at Two Sigma

We’re committed to sustaining digital infrastructure for the public good – and that manifests in both building our own projects and building on the work of others.

We create

We open source some of our proprietary data science tools to help others discover value in the world’s data too.

We contribute

We partner with other organizations that support and maintain a healthy open source ecosystem.

Our engineering teams have made major code contributions to projects we believe are important, including Jupyter, pandas, Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet, Bazel and Git.

We curate

Beyond contributing code, our teams provide broader support, from improving documentation, to answering open questions and hosting Meetups.

Open source is integral to our culture

Our community of scientists understands the role that open source can have on innovation.

Getting together

We value unique perspectives, and our developers regularly come together at company-sponsored Hack Days and Meetups.

Sharing our ideas

We are learners and teachers, our engineers present project findings and new developments at major conferences.

Supporting the community

We believe in collaboration, and our connection to the open source community is important to us. We are a Gold Sponsor of NumFOCUS and our employees sit on the boards of several major projects.

We are voracious users of open source. You simply can't be a real company without being part of the landscape and community of open source."

Matt Greenwood

Chief Innovation Officer

Latest news in open source


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At Two Sigma we’re committed to improving the Jupyter ecosystem. We’ve had 40 patches accepted to four repositories, including Jupyter Lab, IPython, and IPyWidgets. We’ve also open sourced our own tool BeakerX that extends Jupyter with support for six languages, many widgets, and one-click publication.

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Apache Spark has become the standard for dealing with big-data workloads, and we think it promises data scientists huge potential for analysis of large time series. We have developed Flint to enhance Spark’s functionality for time series analysis. Flint is an open source library and available via Maven and PyPI.

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Our developers in the community

Two Sigma technologists are encouraged to participate in open source activities.


Sam Brice

Inaugural NumFOCUS Visiting Fellow

The NumFOCUS Visiting Fellows Program sees organizations partnering with NumFOCUS to advance open source sustainability. During his tenure, Sam helped define and create a default governance framework with systems and processes for ensuring healthy growth of a diverse and inclusive contributor community.

Perl Foundation

Makoto Nozaki

Secretary, Board of Directors

With Two Sigma’s full support, Makoto Nozaki, a leader on our Platform Engineering team, dedicates time to serve on the Board of Directors of the Perl Foundation. The Perl Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of the Perl and Raku programming language. Makoto has been a volunteer at the organization since 2010.

At Two Sigma, technology is at the core of what we do.

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