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Mission Driven Organizations

The Data Clinic team brings together mission driven organizations and Two Sigma volunteers for data science or technology collaborations. These partnerships provide nonprofits with the resources they need to better leverage their data and have a greater impact on the communities they serve.

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We’re committed to sustaining digital infrastructure for the public good – and that manifests in both building our own projects and building on the work of others. We open source some of our internal tools and contribute to open source technologies we believe in.

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Two Sigma’s Academic Partnerships program aims to support and recognize outstanding students, educators, and researchers who share our passion for learning and seeking a deeper understanding of the world around us through STEM.

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We are voracious users of open source. You simply can't be a real company without being part of the landscape and community of open source.

Matt Greenwood

Chief Innovation Officer

The Data Clinic team is doing outstanding work with our researchers to optimize our studies, and it is a true testament to the power of data science for improving research, and in turn, outcomes for patients... We have already learned a great deal thanks to their outstanding models and commitment to collaboration.

Rick Monsma, PhD

NYSCF Senior Vice President of Scientific Operations

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Data Clinic

Robin Hood Foundation

Robin Hood's Learning + Technology Fund aims to leverage technology to transform learning and advance achievement of low-income students across New York City by identifying schools in a position to co-design and implement innovative resources with the Fund’s partners. The Fund felt their current performance criteria eliminated promising school partners, so we partnered to provide alternative performance assessments based on open data. This adjusted approach identified additional schools that were outperforming expectations within their communities, expanding the Fund’s potential candidate pool by nearly 50%.

Open Source


Marbles is a Python unittest extension developed by Two Sigma engineers. Marbles allows test authors to write richer tests that expose more information on test failure.

You can use marbles anywhere you use unittest to get better failure messages that help you debug failing tests faster.

Academic Partnerships

PhD Fellowship Programs

Two Sigma offers two PhD fellowship programs to support doctoral students of all backgrounds who are expanding frontiers in a STEM field such as statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, physics, and finance/econometrics.

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