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We love tackling hard problems in a wide range of technical fields, even challenges that are not directly tied to our day-to-day work.

That’s why we actively engage with the brightest minds and best ideas—wherever they’re found.

Our collaborations with universities, research labs, professors, and students take many forms, including:

Two Sigma’s culture of learning has its roots in our employees’ deep ties to academia.




Employees with advanced degrees


International Math Olympiad medalists


Physics Olympiad medalists

PhD Fellowships

Two Sigma is excited to offer PhD fellowship programs supporting doctoral students who are expanding frontiers in a STEM field such as statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, physics, and finance/econometrics.

Applications are assessed based on students’ research proposals, publications, and letters of recommendation from professors.

Please note: eligible candidates

  • Must be full-time PhD students currently pursuing a doctorate at an accredited U.S. university
  • Must be in at least their third year of a PhD program when the fellowship begins (fall semester or quarter)
  • May not currently be a Two Sigma employee or related to one
  • May not currently receive support through another, similar industry fellowship award

Applications are now being being accepted for the 2022 Two Sigma PhD Fellowship, 2022 Two Sigma Diversity PhD Fellowship, 2022 Undergraduate Scholarship, and 2022 Two Sigma Diversity Undergraduate Scholarship.

2021 Fellowship Award Recipients

To see a full list of runners up and past recipients, click here.

Huy Tuan Pham

PhD Fellowship

Applied Mathematics
Stanford University

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Miyabi Ishihara

PhD Fellowship

Berkeley University

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Kristy Choi

Diversity PhD Fellowship

Computer Science
Stanford University

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Collaboration plays an essential role in the advancement of scientific knowledge. That’s why we eagerly cultivate long-term partnerships with faculty at prestigious academic institutions.

We are always looking for ways to team up with top research labs, research consortiums, and affiliate programs.

Apply research

The opportunity to apply research to real-world problems

The research Two Sigma does typically isn’t theoretical in nature. It’s focused on producing concrete results that benefit real people.

Access to data

Two Sigma loves data, and has a lot of it

In the past, we’ve shared interesting datasets with researchers at Carnegie Mellon’s Parallel Data Lab, Columbia Data Science Institute, and Mass Open Cloud, for example.


Faculty partnerships can lead to opportunities to work with Two Sigma

Faculty partnerships, such as Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) and Cornell Tech can lead to opportunities to work with Two Sigma as a consultant, to host Two Sigma researchers at guest lectures, and more.

Two Sigma has partnered with professors in the following research areas, either as Faculty Research Award recipients or consultants.

Computer Vision

• Serge Belongie

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Data Science

• Jianqing Fan
• Madeleine Udell

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• Michael Riordan

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Machine Learning

• Daniel Hsu
• Aleksander Mądry
• David M. Blei
• Stefanie Jegelka
• John Cunningham
• Justin Sirignano
• Tengyu Ma

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• Joshua Bloom

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• Emmanuel Candes
• Jonathan Taylor
• Jun Liu
• Jiashun Jin

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The Two Sigma Diversity Faculty Research Award

We are pleased to announce Rice University Professor Richard A. Tapia as the recipient of the 2021 Two Sigma Diversity Faculty Research Award.

Professor Tapia was born in Los Angeles to parents who emigrated from Mexico when they were children, seeking educational opportunities.

He was the first in his family to attend college, earning his BA, MA, and PhD degrees in mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Due to his efforts, Rice University has received national recognition for its educational outreach programs, and the Rice Computational and Applied Mathematics Department has become a national leader in supporting women and underrepresented minority PhDs in the mathematical sciences. Read more about Professor Tapia

We push the boundaries of knowledge in computer science, statistics, and finance.

We constantly draw ideas and inspiration from the broader math, science, and investment communities. Collaborating with our academic partners through technical publications and presentations is just one way of giving back. To see more, visit

We are excited to announce the Two Sigma Diversity Faculty Research Award

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