Two graduate students write equations on a glass whiteboard.

Two Sigma’s Academic Partnerships program offers graduate students many ways to connect with the Two Sigma community. Through fellowship programs and research funding for PhDs and internship opportunities for Masters students, we take great pride in supporting promising students who are engaged in innovative research in STEM fields.


PhD Fellowships

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PhD Fellowships

Two Sigma’s PhD fellowship programs identify and support the future leaders in STEM who are expanding the frontiers of statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, physics, finance/econometrics, and beyond. Applications are assessed based on students’ research proposals, publications, and letters of recommendation from professors.

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Spend the summer working in a creative and hands-on environment that gives you the freedom to innovate and dig into unique and complex challenges. Two Sigma offers internship opportunities to Masters and PhD students.

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Graduate Student Experiences with Two Sigma

Financial Support to Focus on Research

Two Sigma Fellowship Recipients receive many forms of financial support, including:

  • An award for two consecutive academic years of up to $75,000 USD per academic year to cover tuition and fees plus a stipend for living expenses, in the form of an unrestricted gift paid directly to the university
  • A one-time award of $10,000 USD paid to the Fellowship recipient directly, which, as a condition of the fellowship, may only be used for tuition, fees required to enroll at or attend their university, and books, supplies, equipment and course-related fees for courses at their university

The financial provisions of Two Sigma fellowships help support doctorate students so they can better focus on their research.

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award for tuition, fees, and supplies

Applying Theory to the Real World

We bring the brightest minds from all parts of the world to collaborate on tough problems, learn from each other, and advance our understanding of the world. Two Sigma graduate interns have the opportunity to work with Two Sigma colleagues to apply theory developed in the classroom to real world problems.


Colleagues with PhDs

Networking with Two Sigma Leaders

Graduate students have unique opportunities to work with and connect with Two Sigma leaders during their time with us. Whether it’s fellowship research mentor meetings, chess tournament with graduate interns, or the annual PhD Symposium, Two Sigma colleagues enjoy the opportunity to meet with and share ideas with students.