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The Future of STEM

We are dedicated to building programing that supports the future leaders in STEM and improves representation across gender, race, and ethnicity.

  • PhD Fellowship

    Two Sigma’s PhD Fellowship is open to all doctoral students who are expanding frontiers in a STEM field such as statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, and physics.

  • Partnered Fellowship

    We offer partnered fellowship opportunities to accredited universities and colleges in the United States to foster greater inclusivity in academia. We are actively seeking partnerships with institutions to establish fellowships for doctoral students who are members of historically underrepresented groups.

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Program Details

Evaluation Process

In selecting a recipient, Two Sigma evaluates candidates in the following areas

  • Research Proposal

  • Experience

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Academic Performance


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Applications Open

Applications for the fellowship will become available on the Academic Partnership website on September 1.

Faculty, staff, or the department chair will be able to upload their student’s research proposal, resume, letters of recommendation, and academic transcripts through 11:59pm ET on November 3. References have until 11:59pm ET on November 17 to submit their letters of recommendation.

Applications Close

Applications will close 11:59pm ET on November 3. Reference have until 11:59pm ET on November 17 to submit their letters of recommendation. At that time all inputted information will be considered final and no further changes will be permitted.

Finalists Interviewed

Finalists will be notified of their selection for interview in early February.

Candidates Notified

Following careful evaluation by a panel, winners will be notified of their selection in March.

Recipients Announced

Recipients will be announced on the Two Sigma website and social channels in mid-April.

PhD Fellowship Recipients

To see a full list of runners up and past recipients, click here.