We believe that using data and a technology platform, and trying to accumulate as much information as you can to make the best predictions and manage risk effectively, is the right way to go.

Carter Lyons

Chief Business Officer, Two Sigma

Data science and technology are two of the central forces driving breakthroughs in many industries, and they will be key ingredients in the creation of some of the most important businesses of our lifetime.

Colin Beirne

Partner, Two Sigma Ventures

Two Sigma brings data expertise to the projects it takes on, but is guided by the nonprofit's experience and knowledge. The innovation is meshing these two together.

Rachael Weiss Riley

Director, Data Clinic

This is an acceleration point. We recognize that this industry, like many, desperately needs a new approach around data science and technology infrastructure.

Brian Modesitt

CEO, Two Sigma Insurance Quantified

The workforce is losing the upper hand. Most businesses are thinking about how to automate away.

Yet it turns out humans are incredibly remarkable machines. Empathy, creativity, and dexterity are unique human skills and we need to incentivize society to think of ways to use unique human talents. This is a business opportunity.

David Siegel

Co-founder and Co-chairman, Two Sigma


Data Clinic

We bring Two Sigma's people, data science skills, and technological know-how to help our non-profit community partners use data and tech more effectively.

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Our Two Sigma experts collaborate with the world’s top data scientists on cutting-edge research ideas at the intersection of data science, technology and finance.

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Open Source

We contribute to open source technologies and we believe in open sourcing the tools we’ve developed to help others discover value in the world’s data.

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Academic Outreach

Partnering with talented professors and doctoral students is crucial to our mission of finding value in the world’s data.

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