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Our Approach

  • Engineering works with over 100 teraflops of computing power overseeing powerful trading platforms, investment analysis tools, collaboration suites and simulation environments.

  • Our interviews are conducted over video conferencing for a simple reason – Remote interviewing allows us the flexibility to best accommodate candidate and interviewer schedules, giving you the most efficient recruiting process possible.

  • You’ll work with a Recruiting Coordinator specifically assigned to your schedule, receive a calendar hold for your interviews, and a final email confirmation the business day prior with your remote interview logistics.

Key Information for Applicants

Confirm Your Interview Type

Logistics including video links or office visit details will be sent via email the day before your scheduled interview date.

Be Mindful Of Time

Allow yourself some extra time before your scheduled start time to address any potential video connectivity issues or unexpected transit delays.

Have Your Resume Handy

If you update your resume just prior to your interview, make sure to email it to us in advance.

Respect For Your Time

If after a few interviews we feel we don’t have the right position for you at Two Sigma, your time with us may be shorter than the slot originally allotted. We want to respect your time and energy so we will communicate with you along the way if you will proceed to additional interviews.

Clarity On Next Steps

If you don't meet with your recruiter during your interview day, a member of the team will reach out in the following business days. If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to your recruiter.

Future Consideration

While we may not have found a fit for you now, we will keep your information on file and contact you in the future should a more suitable position present itself. We encourage you to reapply if you find another interesting position.

What to Expect

Interview Tips

Stop and think

Think about and analyze the problem before diving right into coding. Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer to clarify the question.

Consider a variety of factors

The brute force solution is not always the best. Think about memory constraints and performance.

Take hints

Our interviewers want you to do well and are happy to give you hints if you get stuck while developing your solution.

Walk through a few practical examples

Try looking at or completing sample coding challenges on sites such as HackerRank, CareerCup or TopCoder.

Do some reading

Check out samples of books such as Cracking the Coding Interview (geared more towards Java), Elements of Programming Interviews in Python: The Insiders Guide and The Algorithm Design Manual.

Check out our mock interview and additional tips and tricks video:

Three faculty members sit at a table having a discussion.

Software Engineering Interview Demo

Software Engineering Interview Tips & Tricks

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We bring science to finance by following principles rooted in technology and data science as much as those found in financial services. Fields like machine learning and distributed computing guide us. Explore our firm’s overall approach and the areas we operate in below.

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