Title card: A blue diamond, and within it is a white number 2 followed by a sigma symbol. This is the Two Sigma logo. On the right of the screen is this video’s title: “Two Sigma People Talk About…Community.” Energetic music is heard in the background.

Opening scene: An Indian man with black hair and dark facial hair is wearing a Two Sigma t-shirt with a mathematical formula displayed on it. He says, “What Two Sigma reminds me of is being on a really exciting, dynamic campus. Where you go to your classes and you have your homework and you have your meetings and kind of serious activities, and it’s perfectly acceptable to take a break in between meetings to go practice the piano, or to go hack away at some soldering project.” As he says this, the scene cuts to different clips of people working and collaborating on different projects and activities. First, a woman with light brown hair plays the cello. Then, a group of employees work on building a robot. The scene shows tools getting passed around for building and a close-up of someone organizing a collection of wires.

Next scene: An Asian woman with long dark hair wearing a white button-down top says, “There’s always a lot going on at Two Sigma. There are people who are interested in doing pretty much everything. So no matter what you can find people who want to go skydiving with you, or go on weekend hikes, or I play games every Wednesday.” She chuckles and says, “We actually played in this room yesterday.” As she says this, the scene cuts to different shots of a diverse group of coworkers chatting and eating lunch together. It then cuts to a game of cards being played on a table.

Next scene: An Asian woman with dark hair and glasses, wearing an orange sweater sits next to her female coworker with brown hair wearing a gray long-sleeve shirt and jeans. They are looking at a laptop while laughing together. As this is played, we hear a voiceover of a woman, the scene then cuts to her interview. She has shoulder-length dark hair and is wearing a red sweater. She says, “I think the company really values employees getting to know each other. So I feel like anything I’ve been a part of at Two Sigma it’s always been very welcoming and very accessible.”

Next scene: An older Caucasian man with gray hair and glasses, wearing a collared button-down and a blazer says, “We put a lot of effort into events that foster the creativity and teamwork of our employees.” The scene briefly cuts to three female coworkers in a conference room working together with their laptops open in front of them.

Next Scene: A Caucasian man with short brown hair and facial hair in a gray t-shirt says, “Two Sigma encourages people to build the community.” The scene briefly cuts to a woman with dark hair and a black blouse, smiling and speaking at a table in a conference room. We see a man with glasses wearing a dark blue shirt sitting on her right, listening.

Next scene: The young man from earlier, wearing a Two Sigma t-shirt says, “What feels different to me about Two Sigma, is that it’s not just a job, it’s not just about coming to work to get a paycheck and trying to do a good job and moving on. I feel like people here genuinely form a community around shared interests, usually a shared passion for science and tech.” While he says this, the scene cuts to him in glasses and a sweatshirt in a shared office space, smiling and working alongside a coworker on their laptops and monitors.

Next scene: A team of Two Sigma employees builds a robot together as a clock runs. One of the contraptions is shown moving upwards by itself as the group watches. The scene then cuts to a crowd on bleachers in a gymnasium clapping and cheering, showing that competition is taking place. The Two Sigma team walks into the gym with their robot. The scene cuts to the team smiling and enthusiastically speaking with each other, showing their excitement to be there. As this footage is played, we hear a woman’s voiceover, “There’s this natural, like, vivaciousness that people bring to it. So whether or not it’s a game of Avalon, or we’re building robots, or even playing volleyball through the company, people will put in the time.

Next scene: An Asian woman with dark hair and glasses wearing a black shirt says, “ Here we’re given enough opportunity to explore something that’s outside of our routine work. For example, we will invite speakers from different universities. Professors come here to give a talk. As she says this, the scene cuts to her outside walking on a balcony overlooking the city, as she writes attentively on a notepad.

Next Scene: An Asian woman with black shoulder-length hair in a blue shirt says, “Tomorrow we have the number two chess grandmaster coming to Two Sigma to play nine people at chess, including the co-founder and everyone’s going.” The scene cuts to a close-up of a game of chess being played.

Next scene: The young man from earlier, wearing a Two Sigma t-shirt says, “At the end of the day, it’s not just where I work. It’s where I am around like-minded people who are nice and geeky and interesting and creative. And I just want to spend time with them.”

The interview fades to black and in the center of the screen, a blue diamond appears, with a white number 2 and a sigma symbol displayed within it. This is the Two Sigma logo. And below, the words “Two Sigma” are displayed underneath.