A 3D rectangle houses a colorful and dynamic patchwork of moving images that take the form of squares and triangles within it, organized by precise white lines we call our method grid. Every four seconds, the 3D rectangle tilts up or down, displaying an arrow. Various images come together in an abstract way, showcasing the large variety of data sources we pull from at Two Sigma to do our work while representing our approach—the scientific method.

First, a school of neon yellow fish swim perfectly in sync in beautiful blue water juxtaposed next to black and white computer code. The method grid appears with white outlines of squares and triangles. Joining the tapestry, vaccine vials travel on a conveyor belt in a manufacturing factory.

Divided into triangles, the fish and computer code images transition into a stock market board with green and red numbers that are continuously calculating next to a bright pink flower with a yellow center blooming in timelapse. Adding to the frame, an overhead view of a city crosswalk with diverse individuals walking across overlayed with small blue triangles.

The method grid appears again and these images transition into a black and white topographical map alongside a bright pink solid triangle with smaller triangles serving as windows into luscious green wetlands—representing how one decision affects another. Adding to these images is a bird’s eye view of a cargo train on the left and a blue triangle on the right with additional triangle cutouts revealing an overhead view of a rural town. The final frame adds a bridge filled with constantly moving cars and more colorful triangles intertwined, signifying that at Two Sigma, our ideas are endless.

Click to spin the 3D rectangle and reveal things we’re curious about.


The 3D rectangle rotates upward to reveal the surface of the moon with shadows emphasizing the craters.


The 3D rectangle rotates upward again to reveal a closeup of a tan-colored octopus’ tentacles and its circular suckers of all different sizes moving around.


The 3D rectangle rotates upward again to reveal clear water that slowly fills with neon green ink exploding through it.