Title card: A blue diamond, and within it is a white number 2 followed by a sigma symbol. This is the Two Sigma logo. On the right of the screen is this video’s title: “Two Sigma People Talk About…What Drives Us”. Lighthearted music is played in the background.

Opening scene: A young Asian woman with long dark hair and a white short-sleeved, button-down top says, “Ambition is one of the attributes that I’ve seen just across everybody.” The scene cuts to the woman working with a group of female colleagues. She and another woman are seated on a couch as they watch a woman wearing jeans and a black sweater write on a whiteboard. This is followed by a close-up shot showing the smiling side profile of the other woman seated on the couch. As she smiles we see a view of the city outside the windows next to her. As this footage plays, she continues to say, “Everybody wants to do well. Everybody wants to do right by the company.”

Next scene: A young Caucasian man with short brown hair and facial hair, wearing a white t-shirt says, “There’s so many cool, exciting projects to work on. I come every day and I know I’m going to be working with these people that are super knowledgeable. And that’s what drives me to move forward, and like what I source energy from.” As he says this, the scene cuts to him speaking and laughing with a blonde-haired woman wearing a red sweater in the office, walking down some steps and through an open office space that looks like an informal seating area. The scene briefly cuts back to him being interviewed and then cuts to another scene of him with the blonde woman. This is a close-up shot of them speaking. The camera shot begins on his face before panning to hers. Her hair is in a half-up half-down ponytail and she is wearing red lipstick, while he is cleanly shaven, unlike his interview video.

Next scene: A Caucasian older man with gray hair and glasses, wearing a collared button-down layered under a blazer says, “If there’s one characteristic I could describe our employees, it’s that they’re challenge-oriented.”

Next scene: A young Indian man with black hair and dark facial hair that is wearing a Two Sigma company t-shirt with a mathematical formula displayed on it says, “We’re still, I think, at the early stages of what we’re doing in this industry, that coming with the creativity and the drive to wanna shake things up and maybe do something that you would do at a startup or a tech company, having that DNA is going to make you successful.” As he speaks, we cut to him in the office wearing glasses and a gray zip-up sweatshirt, as he walks to his desk and gets started at his computer. We cut to another angle, a wider shot showing him and his workspace and the coworker beside him as they work on their laptops and big monitors beside office windows. The scene cuts back to him being interviewed as he finishes his statement.

Next scene: Opening with a sweeping shot, a group of three people is shown facing each other as they work on their laptops in the office, showing collaboration within the company. They are in an open-concept workspace, with succulent plants and different small puzzles and toys being displayed on the desks they are working at. There is one woman and two men. The woman is wearing a dark blue blouse, the man beside her is wearing a red button-down, and the other man is wearing a red t-shirt with a white graphic on the front. The scene cuts to different angles of the group, showing them smiling and talking. As this is shown a woman’s voiceover begins to say, “It’s not like, you know, a zero-sum game. You can succeed and other people can succeed at the same time.”

Next scene: An Asian man with short black hair, wearing a navy blue button-down says, “I think people at Two Sigma are so ambitious that they always have to think outside of the box. There should be no limit. Nobody should say, like, ‘Oh no, this is too crazy.’ At Two Sigma, try everything.” He smiles, conveying the excitement he has for working at a company that welcomes new ideas.

Next scene: A young Caucasian woman with brown curly hair, wearing a white sweater says, “I wanted to work for a place where I was confident that people had really high standards and were really ambitious because they thought I could achieve those standards if I was disciplined and ambitious enough to do it.” As she says this, the scene cuts to her, this time in a black sweater, speaking and motioning to the writing on the whiteboard she is standing in front of, seemingly presenting to a room, but we do not see the audience. The scene cuts back to her being interviewed as she concludes her statement.

The interview fades to black and in the center of the screen is our logo, a blue diamond with a white number 2 and sigma symbol within it along with the words “Two Sigma” shown underneath.