Title card: A blue diamond, and within it is a white number 2 followed by a sigma symbol. This is the Two Sigma logo. On the right of the screen is this video’s title: “Two Sigma People Talk About…Working Together.” Lively, upbeat music is heard in the background.

Opening scene: An Asian woman with shoulder-length dark hair, wearing a red sweater says, “I found that people at Two Sigma are willing to put in time to help you, regardless of what they’re doing. They’ll always message me back or set up a meeting time.” The scene cuts to a group of female coworkers collaborating, talking, and laughing in a conference room. They are seated around a round table with their laptops and notebooks open in front of them.

Next scene: A Southeast Asian man in a purple t-shirt says, “The willingness of people to help is, like, something that’s really refreshing.”

Next scene: A Caucasian man with short brown hair, wearing a navy blue button-down with white polka dots on it says, “This is somewhere where you get taken seriously, no matter what your background is, no matter who you are, no matter how long you’ve been here. I think it’s a really rare opportunity and even just starting out people were really listening to me and really taking what I had to say seriously.” As he says this, the scene cuts to different angles of him working on his computer while sitting in a big lounging chair within the office that has a blue exterior and purple cushions.

Next scene: A Caucasian young woman with brown curly hair, wearing a white sweater says, “At other tech companies I’ve worked at, like bigger places, you can kind of feel like you’re a very, very small part of a very, very large thing and that you’re kind of expendable that way. Whereas here I definitely get a sense that people are extremely invested in my success here.” As she says this, the scene cuts to her, this time in a black sweater, speaking and motioning to the writing on the whiteboard she is standing in front of, presenting to two female coworkers sitting on a couch in the conference room.

Next scene: An older Caucasian man with gray hair and glasses, wearing a collared button-down layered under a blazer says, “At Two Sigma, our teams are driven but we’re enlightened in the sense that we know we need to be a team. We need to work together.”

Next scene: An Asian woman with dark hair and glasses, wearing a yellow sweater is seen walking through one of the hallways in the office, holding a tablet. Through windows, people are seen in a conference room behind her. “Everyone here was just so willing to share their knowledge. So whenever we collaborate with other people, we offer something that is unique to us, but they offer something that’s unique to them. And we just enjoy this process of learning from each other.” The scene then cuts to her interview as she concludes her statement.

Next scene: A man with dark hair wearing a t-shirt and a blonde-haired woman wearing a red sweater in the office, are featured walking down some steps and through an open office space that looks like an informal seating area. We hear a woman speaking, “My team is very collaborative. They’ll be happy to help you out no matter how senior they are. And that’s really nice to be able to get that, you know, very personalized help from people who’ve been here 10 or 15 years.” As she says this, the scene cuts to the woman’s interview. She has long dark hair and is wearing a white top.

Next scene: The Asian woman with dark hair and glasses from earlier in the video is heard speaking again. She is seen laughing with a co-worker in the office. The scene then cuts to her being interviewed from multiple angles. She says, “Everyone is supportive whenever I need something. And after they understand my request they will even suggest a better way to do it. And that’s just amazing.”

The interview fades to black and in the center of the screen, a blue diamond appears, with a white number 2 and a sigma symbol displayed within it. This is the Two Sigma logo. And below, the words “Two Sigma” are displayed underneath.