pandas at a Crossroads: The Past, Present, and Future with Jeff Reback

Two Sigma's Jeff Reback outlines possible paths forward for the pandas community.

As a former quant, Two Sigma’s Jeff Reback has deep experience in building financial trading systems, using python, and working with very large data sets. He has been a core committer to the pandas project since 2011 and has managed the project since 2013.

Jeff recently hosted a webinar discussing the history and future of the pandas library for data manipulation and data analysis. Pandas is the most widely used open source data science software library in the world, with tens of millions of data scientists working with it every day–including in every Fortune 1000 company and in every university’s data science curriculum.

Charting the future of pandas

In the webinar, Jeff notes that the growth of big data and big compute challenges pandas’ capabilities and is a threat to its continued dominance. He concludes the presentation by outlining the different paths forward that the pandas community is now considering, and highlights why and how to get involved with the important work of charting pandas’ future.

To learn more, watch the full webinar below:


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