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Two Sigma’s Chief Innovation Officer, Matt Greenwood, whose engineering career spans more than 25 years, will share his approach to this long, fascinating journey–about the many small steps to climb the mountain of success.

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Date and Time:

Wednesday, September 28
5:00 pm London (BST), 12:00 pm New York (ET)


This event will be broadcast over Zoom.

Accordingly, please ensure you have a compatible device ahead of the start time.

Featured Speaker

Picture of Matt Greenwood
Matt Greenwood

Matt Greenwood is a technologist and researcher who is passionate about solving hard problems and building the incredible team of talented, productive, and collaborative engineers and modelers that make up Two Sigma. He joined Two Sigma in 2003 and since then has led a number of company-wide efforts in both engineering and modeling. Matt is also an Advisor at Two Sigma Ventures, a division of Two Sigma that seeks to invest in companies that push the boundaries of an industry and bring real progress to the world, by harnessing the power of data science, machine learning, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, advanced hardware, and related fields. He works closely with Two Sigma Ventures’ portfolio companies as a board member and advisor.

Matt began his career at Bell Labs and later moved to IBM Research, where he was responsible for a number of early efforts in tablet computing and distributed computing. In 2000, Matt was lead developer and manager for Entrisphere, Inc., where he helped create a product providing access equipment for broadband service providers.

Matt earned a BA and MA in Math from Oxford University, and a Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He also holds a PhD in Mathematics from Columbia University, where he taught for many years.

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