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    A Guide to Large Language Model Abstractions

    The authors map the landscape of frameworks for abstracting interactions with and between large language models, and suggest two systems of organization for reasoning about the various approaches to, and philosophies of, LLM abstraction.

    Insights by Peter Yong Zhong (Carnegie Mellon), Haoze He (Carnegie Mellon), Omar Khattab (Stanford), Christopher Potts (Stanford), Matei Zaharia (Berkeley), Heather Miller (Two Sigma, Carnegie Mellon)
    January 16, 2024
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    Series: Elevating Your Skills as a Two Sigma Engineer

    An overview of some of the ways Two Sigma supports the growth and development of our engineers, helping them to cultivate their ability to think about hard problems in novel ways and apply fresh approaches to solving them.

    Insights by Two Sigma
    Updated on October 16, 2023