Scaling Purpose Through Open Source

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GoodCon Europe underscored the importance of open sourcing solutions to social challenges, a key tenet shared by Data Clinic

At last week’s GoodCon Europe, hosts Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones kicked off the gathering with words of wisdom from their years of experience helping companies find and incorporate purpose into all they do.

One of the principles they shared reflected our mission at Data Clinic: Purpose should be an open source pursuit. As Bobby explained, when companies make breakthroughs in helping the greater good, those solutions should be open sourced so others can also benefit and make use of them.

Data Clinic started small, partnering 1-on-1 with mission-driven organizations as a completely volunteer-led initiative. Since then, we’ve built a growing full-time dedicated team within Two Sigma that connects our unique competencies with purpose-driven partners. Over this time, we’ve encountered recurring challenges in our partnerships. If we were facing these issues over and over, we knew others were as well.

That’s why we are committed to building open source tools and resources to scale the solutions we uncover through our projects. Be it a mapping that helps you merge fascinating open datasets, a tool that helps you clean messy text data, a methodology for analyzing geospatial data — we believe that sharing these insights will help us all spend less time reinventing the wheel, and more time discovering innovative solutions to social challenges.

Explore our expanding library of open source contributions on GitHub.

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