Our Approach

A differentiated approach to investing

We’re bringing a differentiated approach to investing by combining the team’s private equity expertise with data science and technology, and the human capital management tools we're developing, to seek superior returns and positive social outcomes.

Private Equity

Investment experience and expertise

We’ve brought together investment partners with more than 50 years of total investment experience and track record of investment success.

Data Science & Technology

Using data & technology to make informed decisions

We are bringing data expertise and technology to private markets investing.

Social Impact

Partnerships with companies creating a positive impact

We are working to develop cutting edge human capital management tools to create the best workplaces for employees.

News & Insights

Ted Talk: What Makes a Job "Good"?

To create good jobs instead of cutting them, you first need a definition of a good job–which is surprisingly hard to find. Warren Valdmanis explored this challenge from the TED stage.

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Finding Untapped Value in the Workforce

A paper outlining Two Sigma Impact’s approach to workforce as a driver of value-creation not just for workers themselves, but for companies, investors, and society, too.

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PBS Series: David Siegel on the Future of Work

Two Sigma Co-Chair David Siegel shares perspectives on how to address the challenges U.S. workers face from globalization, automation, the Covid-19 pandemic, and more.

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