Two Sigma has offices in New York, Houston, London and Hong Kong. We've designed these workplaces around comfort and productivity, to let curiosity and creativity thrive. Our New York campus is located in Soho, known for its cast-iron buildings, art galleries, and fine dining. We're downtown, but we're not Wall Street.


Diversity at Two Sigma

At Two Sigma we know that diversity drives innovation.

BE@TS aims to foster racial and ethnic diversity at Two Sigma by supporting a culture that is inclusive to people of color.

ouTSigma brings focus and resources to the recruitment, development, and retention of LGBTQ-A talent.

Women@TS (W@TS) is designed to provide targeted support to female employees across all areas of the company.



We take care of our people. We offer an extremely competitive benefits package, including medical, dental and disability insurance, and flexible healthcare and commuter spending accounts. We also offer a 401(K) plan with partial company match. Nevertheless, our most popular wellness benefit might be our multiple enormous kitchens, which are always stocked high with a range of snacks and drinks.


Fitness at work

People do their best work when their mind and body are in harmony. So our New York campus has three on-site gyms, each with locker rooms, showers and same-day laundry service. We also have free weekly well-being classes including fitness boot camp, yoga and meditation. And for those who savor the taste of competition, there are always our ping pong tables – sacred athletic venues, really – and our own basketball, softball, soccer and volleyball teams.


Hacker Lab

Technology is a key part of how we work and play. Our Hacker Lab Workshop series features classes in electronics, hardware and software design – all taught by TS-ers. Once a month we have a Hack Night, where anyone can bring in a project and work on it with their colleagues. We've held classes on 3D printing; soldering and building interactive LED installations; designing circuit boards; and more.


Exploring Data

The volume and velocity of data is increasing exponentially—and with it, its uses.  At Two Sigma, we find patterns, meaning and relationships in the world’s data to create value for our investors.



Many TS-ers have ideas for new projects, but limited ways to explore them. Others have valuable insight to bring to projects, but might not know about all that's going on across the company. Enter Spark. It’s our internal open-source platform where people can share and collaborate on ideas. It all comes together in Spark Day, where selected ideas are presented to the entire firm. Starting this year, the people behind the audience favorite will win sabbatical time to bring their vision to life.


Data Clinic

How do we help non-profits use data to their advantage? When they need to ask for donations to fund a project, is it more effective to ask for more or less money than they actually need?


Open Source

At Two Sigma, we use Open Source Software, and we’re passionate about giving back to the programming community. That’s why we shared the code to Beaker, our notebook-style development environment that lets researchers in different fields interact with their data and build models more efficiently. We think of Beaker as the Universal Translator for Data Scientists. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. You’ll find more information on it here.

Learn more about Beaker



It’s needless to say we love games, but it's worth repeating. There are games to play all over our offices, from ping pong, to shuffleboard, to Connect 6 to everything in between. Of course there’s also chess, and we’ve had a fair share of chess champions come visit us. And we host a lot of gaming events, including game nights where we play Agricola, Dominion, Roborally, Solarquest, and much more. We pride ourselves on being competitive but not combative.



We want to help everyone here grow and get better. And as our company gets bigger, the opportunities for growth multiply. To make sure everyone finds the work that’s best for them, we’ve created an Internal Opportunities site. It lets people find new openings in the company and follow-up on the ones they like. And if you’d like to pursue another opportunity, but aren’t sure where to start, our recruitment team is always here to help.



Our music studio is a great place to step away, whether you’re a musician or a fan, and we've got many of both. We have a drum kit; percussion kit; keyboard; electric and acoustic guitars and other string instruments; amps; speakers; mixers; production software; and a karaoke machine. We've even got two turntables and some microphones. Want to come and just jam? Far out. Want to record and mix your own tracks? Have at it. Want to just gather around the piano and sing carols? Joy to the world.


Culture of learning

Teaching and learning are woven into everything we do. We encourage everyone to contribute – by teaching classes, leading study groups or brown-bag lunch talks, writing for our internal blog, screening movies, or sharing their knowledge another way. We frequently host guest speakers who are world leaders in their field. And we even have a team, called Organizational & People Development, whose mission is to identify learning needs in our company and develop programs that meet them.


Good times

We throw great parties – because we like to celebrate our successes, and well, because we just like parties. Our annual summer outing, where TS-ers and their families spend a day soaking up the sun at some secret location, is a perennial favorite. Another is our annual holiday party, whose venues have included space shuttles and submarines. Other fiestas include New Sigma, where we welcome all new hires, and Birthday Snacks Day, when dessert is served to everyone to honor that month’s birthdays.

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