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  • Markets & Economy

Share Buybacks: A Brief Investigation

We examine whether the rise in stock buybacks has artificially propped up equity prices, suppressed market volatility, and weakened corporate balance sheets.

  • Markets & Economy

Options Pricing as a Measure of US Election Risk

This Street View proposes a method for teasing election-related risk out of options prices and tests it against FiveThirtyEight’s 2018 election forecasts based on polls and fundamental data.

  • Markets & Economy

Introducing the Two Sigma Factor Lens

An overview of the Two Sigma Factor Lens, designed for analyzing multi-asset portfolios and derived from returns of broad, liquid asset class proxy indexes.

  • Data Science
  • Markets & Economy

Making Sense of the Sharpe Ratio

Two Sigma’s Labs team recently performed an in-depth survey of the extensive literature on the Sharpe ratio and published its findings in a new Technical Report.

  • Markets & Economy

Sharpe Ratio: Estimation, Confidence Intervals, and Hypothesis Testing

The authors survey and discuss methods proposed in the literature for estimating the Sharpe ratio; computing confidence intervals around a point estimation of the Sharpe ratio; and performing hypothesis testing on a single Sharpe ratio and on the difference between two Sharpe ratios.