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Two Sigma interns come from a variety of backgrounds, but share intellectual curiosity, passion for math, science, and technology, and a desire to do impactful work.

The Two Sigma Scientist

We bring the brightest minds from all parts of the world to collaborate on tough problems, learn from each other, and advance our understanding of the world.

Is a thought leader

We bring together scientists, engineers, and academics to help us seek connections in global markets.

200+ PhDs
5+ Physics Olympiads medalists
14 International Math Olympiad medalists

Has a unique perspective

We work hard to ensure our workforce is inclusive of a broad range of perspectives. We believe this ultimately leads to better outcomes by fostering a culture of learning and innovation, and encouraging comprehensive decision making.

80+ countries
60+ languages
400+ fields of study

Is a strong collaborator

Our collaborative environment will have you innovating alongside pioneers in statistics, distributed computing, financial markets, and countless other disciplines.

4 Employee Resource Groups connecting people around the world
20+ teams join together to compete in the yearly Two Sigma puzzle competition

Is a learner and a teacher

We want to help everyone here grow and get better. And as our company gets bigger, the opportunities for teaching, growth, and mobility multiply.

9K+ hours spent in L&D
75% take L&D classes annually

Roles and Teams

We have an array of jobs in both technical and non-technical areas—work with one group, have a hand in another. Our collaborative environment will have you innovating alongside pioneers in statistics, distributed computing, financial markets, and other business disciplines. Explore all open roles.


Engineers make up the majority of the employee population at Two Sigma, which surprised me when I interviewed. Engineers are very much appreciated here.

And it’s not just appreciation of the work, but knowing the difficulty of the work, and culturally understanding the role of an engineer. Two Sigma understands engineers.

Platform Engineer

Working in Engineering at Two Sigma you will:

Build the tools and technologies that enable us to scale. Solve complex engineering challenges to turn data into action. Learn more

Quantitative Research

What I like about being a researcher in this industry is you see results in very quantitative ways. What I like about working at Two Sigma is the nuance involved. We’re solving for scientific questions, we value the statistical rigor needed to solve complex problems.

This means we’re not simply solving for 'improved results', we’re striving for interpretable results. That subtlety is important to me.

Quantitative Researcher

Working in Quantitative Research at Two Sigma you will:

Develop inspired ideas through scientific thinking, curiosity, and precision. Systematically test and expand hypotheses to shape company strategy. Learn more

Data Science

The amount of data we work with is impressive. The types of data we work with is unparalleled.

We’re not just evaluating financial data sets, we’re evaluating the application of a wide range of alternative data, structured and unstructured, to predict quantitative and financial outcomes.

Data Scientist

Working in Data Science at Two Sigma you will:

Seek out patterns and trends in the world’s data. Then harness these insights to help us forecast the movement of global markets. Learn more

Strategy & Operations

At Two Sigma, there is no sense of 'this problem is too difficult to solve'. The brainpower here, the creativity, the collaborative culture, leads you to solving the problem or finding someone to help you solve the problem. Nothing is too difficult.

Business Innovation & Growth Analyst

Working in Strategy & Operations at Two Sigma you will:

Grow our business around the world through creative thinking and operational excellence. Explore open roles

Investment & Client Solutions

Being surrounded by brilliant minds and intellectually curious people makes me strive to be at my best. The people at Two Sigma keep me constantly challenged, motivated, and committed to delivering the highest quality output possible.

Investor Relations Leader

Working in Investment & Client Solutions at Two Sigma you will:

Deliver our investment services and innovative solutions to a diverse client base. Explore open roles

Employee Resource Groups

Two Sigma has a number of Employee Resource Groups, encouraging employees to gather together as a community to share experiences and combine efforts to drive change.


Bridging Ethnicities at Two Sigma, or BE@TS, fosters racial and ethnic diversity at Two Sigma by promoting an internal culture that is welcoming of all ethnicities and centers the voices of people of color. Our vision is to inspire, equip, and advocate for a diverse Two Sigma community through our pillars of recruiting, career development, and community & inclusion.


ouTSigma is an organization built on community; as an extension of Two Sigma we are a place where LGBTQ people and allies are empowered to feel safe, productive, and engaged in their work.


Women at Two Sigma, or W@TS, seeks to build a strong community of women and allies at Two Sigma and beyond by providing career development opportunities, creating the space for genuine connection and mentorship, using intersectional advocacy, and promoting ally education.

Disability Alliance

Disability Alliance advocates a welcoming work environment for people with disabilities by building awareness, educating employees, cultivating community, and serving as a resource and support system.


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Benefits to Support Health, Body, and Mind

Competitive benefits package

An extremely competitive benefits package, including medical, dental and disability insurance, and flexible healthcare and commuter spending accounts.

Snacks for days

Our kitchens on every floor of our offices are fully stocked with snacks and drinks, and offer space to brainstorm or take a break.

Fitness classes

Two Sigma provides multiple wellness classes a week, from boot camp to yoga. Working from home? We've gone digital so our employees can break a sweat in their living rooms.

Mindfulness and meditation

We've partnered with Headspace to provide all Two Sigma employees meditation and mindfulness training, which has been shown to reduce stress and increase focus.

Support for the causes you care about

We know that our employees are passionate about many causes and like to give back, especially during these uncertain times. Whether donating funds or time, Two Sigma helps to amplify our employee's donations through a charity matching program.

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